Installing the best tile flooring for your home

When shopping for tile flooring or a backsplash, accent wall, tub, shower surround, or a patio or deck, it's vital to understand that not all ceramic tiles are the same. Using the right or wrong one can seriously impact your remodeling project, and there are some terms to let you know if your selection is the best one. The choices are almost unlimited, so be sure you tell us how you plan to use them when you visit our showroom to shop for tile flooring in Decatur, GA.

Floor vs wall tiles: the difference

Floor tiles are thicker and meant to withstand the weight that wall tiles cannot. They're also less slippery than wall tile and, while you can use a floor tile on a wall, you shouldn't use wall tiles on a floor. You can see this on the box labeling; it will either read "wall" or "floor," or you might see it as C1 (walls) or C2 and C3 floors.

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PEI rating

Pertaining only to glazed tile, this is a one-to-five numbering system created by the Porcelain and Enamel Institute, determining a tile's resistance to wear. As the numbers increase, so does the strength. For example, PEI-zero means it's only appropriate to walls, while PEI-3 and PEI-4 are suitable for moderate to heavy foot traffic. PEI-5 is for offices, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial facilities that experience heavy foot traffic.

Impervious flooring

These tiles, like porcelain, a type of ceramic, can be used indoors or out. Porcelain is waterproof whether or not it’s glazed and can withstand any amount of foot traffic or any weather condition. Vitreous tiles are a little more absorbent than impervious and, although they are labeled “frost resistant,” they cannot stand up to all weather conditions. Semi and non-vitreous tiles should only be used indoors.
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Coefficient of friction or COF

This refers to the tile’s slipperiness. For a residential installation, look for a COF of .50; for commercial, .60. You can also increase it further by selecting a tile with texture or maybe even using small ones that would require more grout lines.

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